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thay giao coc tai


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Tiếng Việt

Tình cờ đọc được bài này https://xivila.com/talks/detail/143/stop-starting-and-start-finishing/. Cái title đã thấy hay rồi, ừ thì đọc. Đọc xong muốn viết cái gì đó quá, thế là đành phải viết thôi, nhưng phải đọc lại cái đã.

Cảm giác đầu tiên khi đọc bài này là: Xấu hổ. Vì mình bắt đầu quá nhiều thứ, muốn làm quá nhiều thứ, nhưng thực tế làm được chỉ được 10%. Không phải chỉ riêng mình mà rất nhiều người khác ngoài kia cũng đang sống như vậy. Read More

Mục tiêu di động và chạy bộ

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Mục đích VS Mục tiêu

MỤC ĐÍCH vs MỤC TIÊU – Tuấn Nguyễn (Giám đốc Zamba Group – VCCorp)

Sáng nay đi tập gym, cậu HLV lại xin nghỉ off nên bảo mình cứ tập như mọi hôm, mỗi bài tập cứ tập hết sức là được. Thật lạ, tập được lúc là thấy mệt nhoài dù tập thời gian chưa bằng hôm qua khi có HLV. Chợt nhận ra rằng, với mỗi bài tập khi có HLV, cậu HLV lại đưa ra yêu cầu rõ ràng rằng anh phải tập 3 lần, mỗi lần 20 cái. Khi nghe rõ mục tiêu mình sẽ cố gắng đến cùng để đạt được mục tiêu đó, thậm chí sẽ cố vượt qua mà không màng việc mệt cỡ nào. Read More

Results Phase – Clarifying What’s Important

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I’m studying an online class, and my assignment received these feedback. I’m so interested in it and want to share on my blog although my assignment is not perfect. Thanks you, my peers <3

peer 1 → Results Phase – Clarifying What’s Important

2A. Critical Events —

Your story of the critical events in your life reads beautifully. It is like the opening of a flower. You have identified events that opened your eyes and opened your mind and let you see that you have choices about what you want to be and where you want your life to go. (1)

2B. Leadership Vision —

Your vision of perfectly aligned domains is beautiful. I’d like to see or hear more about what that looks like, to act physically in all four circles at once. Your vision is ambitious and grand, but that’s where visions start. The numbers you see in the future, that of billions of tourists and millions of successful business might be a slight exaggeration, but again, that’s where visions start. You have hope and you have ambition. (1)

2C. Four Circles —

Your circles are all aligned so I assume that you can, indeed, act physically in all four at the same time. Keep an eye on this as you progress to see if one doesn’t slip aside at some time. You did not add any information about the picture’s meaning, or what you might change by experimenting, nor did you ask for feedback, but I do think you might benefit at some time by going through this exercise again. (0)

2D. 4-Way Attention Chart —

Your response was a question mark on this and I suspect it might be because you could not transfer the diagram to the answer block. there is not enough information to comment here. (0)

2E. Consequences of your choices —

Your responses to this section reflect that your four circles might not be as well aligned as your chart shows. There might be a point where your family and self are not totally engaged. (1)

2F. Satisfaction —

Your satisfaction scale indicates that you are much more satisfied with your “community” domain (8) than you are with work (5) home/family (5) or self (5). As you move on through this course, go back to the four circles diagram from time to time. Consider, too, whether or how the community domain affects your earlier stated vision. Does it supersede your Work/School domain? or your Family domain? or even your self domain? (1) I wish you much good luck in exploring your future through this class and I love the way your life is opening up to new possibilities.
Joan Lamson

peer 2 → Results Phase – Clarifying What’s Important

Your sharing on the events shaping your life was appreciated. Your have big visions and big dreams, very clearly laid out and identified. I was wondering here, what actions are you going to take to achieve this? Are you presently taking the steps you need to take? If not, what is stopping you? Not doing the excise on the four way chat was unfortunate. It would have highlighted what was the area of importance and what you are presently focused on. I was not sure if I was misunderstanding your writing on your vision and your domain of satisfaction, but I was not seeing the alignment between your work and the amount of time you were spending. I was thinking you would have been more satisfied here. Looking at the four circles, I really could not follow how you had them all aligned? Maybe like me, you misunderstood the exercise. Some questions on getting to alignment, how do you think you can get these aligned? What do you think will happen if you don’t get alignment? Thanks for sharing and best of luck.

New words for me

  • the opening of a flower – mở đầu của một bông hoa
  • a slight exaggeration – một sự cường điệu nhẹ
  • very clearly laid out and identified – rất rõ ràng và được xác định

And here’s http://www.myfourcircles.com/

This website is very useful to discover different parts of your life. Hope someone visits my site and find something useful.


kanipoly blog

Kani Poly’s first Post

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This is the first post on my blog. And maybe nobody reads it, nobody knows about this blog. But it’s OK, because it’s my blog and it starts my new life. And the first post maybe has a lot of mistakes that I make, but it’s OK again, because I start blogging to improve myself, to become better, it’ll show how hard I try, how I can change myself.

As you know, self-actualization is the highest floor in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And now I decide to become a self-actualizer, I’m living creatively and fully using my potentials. Today, I’m still a chicken, and I’m training to become an eagle.

I thought about the name of this category: “self-improvement” is a good choice. And then “nurture yourself”. I feel I’m still be a kid and it’s very nice to nurture myself like nurturing a kid. “Self-actualization” is also an intriguing category. In summary, although “self-improvement”, “nurture yourself” or “self-actualization”, or anything else, they are the same, just different in the name how we call it, but they are similar and the most important here is You really live the life you want.

Sometimes I ask myself “do I need to try a lot like that?”, you know – being a chicken is quite good, peace and don’t need to think much, but being a chicken means you can not decide the way you live, you depend on other, and do the normal things. Everybody knows you only live once, so why I choose just to be a chicken, right? It depends on other’s opinions, different person has different idea about his life. I really want to dream big, do magnificent things, make other’s life better, so I want to become an eagle. Although I was born as a little chicken, effeminate, stupid and poor. But I still want to try. Maybe it takes me a longtime, but I’m happy with it.

kanipoly blog

Just do it and see what can you do, Kani!