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Lumix GF1

Kani's Lumix GF1

My first steps in photography

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Today I receive my first camera and it’s so great! Lumix GF1, it takes me about only $300 – Great choice for the beginning!

Before, I asked some friends about “How to buy a camera?”, “What is the best camera for beginner?”. They showed me some cameras, Canon 600d,650d,700d, …etc. And it costs a big amount of money. Humm, I don’t want to waste much money because I know the most important here is the photographer who really understand the camera and knows how to use his tool effectively. I’m not the kind of people who can pay a big amount of money to show off how rich I am, how professional I am. It’s so stupid, it just shows arrogant and ostentatious.

Actually I don’t know much about photography and I was afraid a lot such as I don’t have talent in photography, I don’t have enough time for photography, I don’t have enough money to buy a camera… And then I watched a video about Focus


I asked myself “Do I dabble?” Design, Draw, Animation, French, Photography,… Do I have enough time? I was OK a lot of things, but I need to be great, so do I need to be focus on only one thing? Ok Ok I will try my best, I only live once, so just do what I want!

My friend, Luong Son Tung helped me to buy my first camera, it’s small and comfortable to bring. I cannot wait for the day I can go around and take some photos with it. Here you are:

Lumix GF1 – Kani’s great choice for the beginning in photography!

Kani's Lumix GF1

And its lens, small and cute. By the way, it’s not my hand.

lens kani's lumix gf1


I learn to use it, step by step.

chocopie kani learn photography

kani learn photography

New big challenge – How to have enough time for photography

I am so excited to have my first camera but I know now I have to face a very serious problem: How can I manage my time? How can I take enough time for photography?