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My infographic story

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When I’m typing this article, I think why I don’t design an infographic about it. So interesting! But I still have to write about it.

my infographic story

My first infographic is about Tomato

I spend 1 month from the idea to the real infographic. At this time infographic is quite new and strange but I was interested in it a lot, so I decided I would design an infographic. One month later, I finished and send it to Kenh14-Channel for teen (a popular website for teenagers). I cannot remember how long I design it, but it was so fun to research information, then illustrate and combine the date with the graphic, play with color and text. I got a very good feedback from Editor of Kenh14, but she wanted me change something in this infographic and also wanted me use Photoshop not Illustrator, because the editor only knew how to edit text in Photoshop. I changed it and the first time I had an infographic on a famous website, millions of people can view my design. I was so proud of myself.

tomato profile infographic

Click the image to see this infographic

What infographic bring to my life

Then I designed a lot infographic for Kenh14, I was the main infographic designer and earned quite much money as a student at this time.

Because of this big workload, I have trained myself a lot, I can use Photoshop and Illustrator effectively, meet the deadline, make the customers satisfied.

Beside Kenh14, I also designed for other companies as Vinschool, LAP Care Studio, Afamily, Domino English… and individual customers around the world.

Why infographic? Why the world needs infographic?

When I shared an infographic about career with my friend who work in human resource section, just because I thought this infographic is very interesting, she said: “ I wish everything has designed like this, it’s so easy to understand. It can be applied in study.” I realized that not only me – an infographic designer – works in graphic world but also others like infographics.

The power of infographic

You can pack a lot of valuable information in a small, attractive and entertaining piece of content. Infographic grabs a viewer’s attention more effective than gray text blocks. They use charts, maps and diagrams to illustrate and illuminate stories. Infographics have become an effective way to speak for the creator, conveying information.

Seeing is believing – ENGAGEMENT of your BRAND

It generates a unique connection with visitor, when people like your infographic they will share or embed it, consistent colors, shapes, and messages, along with your logo, your brand – it creates a fabulous effect.

Infographic and SEO

Infographics are great way to build nature links Google loves to see; and engage the visitors because they attract people, draw an attention, they do a great job at building brand awareness.

If you want to read more, I think they are interesting:

Strengthen my skill

Now I realize when I designed infographic I just do it naturally and don’t think too much, nobody teaches me how to do it, how to use text and color. Fortunately, infographics I design are always beautiful and useful, they have a lot of view and share.

I decide to study about infographic, to know more about the section that I’m already good at, to develop my skill and design better and better infographic.

Step 1: Researching data to support the infographic and help tell the story. Brainstorming the idea.

As an graphic designer, I’m not an artist, I cannot draw what I want that people don’t understand, I have to research a lot of what type of material can be turn into a graphic, I must think like a data journalist. My mission is choosing what viewers need to see and understand.

Step 2: Writing the content

In past, I didn’t focus on this step because almost of my infographic I had an editor who responses providing the data, also the content. But I hope now I can write the content by myself, English, French and German.

Step 3: Designing the infographic

When I design an infographic for a company, I need to know the brand, the messaging, make sure it’s compatible with the website, blog or document. It’s called Promoting with brand infographics.

I have to make boring and tough data in a clever, inventive way.

Step 4: Reviewing the entire infographic. Implementing any changes requested by customers.

It’s my job. Haha.

Step 5: Establishing

In past, I didn’t think of it, my work is only designing an infographic then send email, the next day, my infographic would be on-air, and because these websites are very popular and had a lot of traffic, sometimes it made a viral. Now when I decide I design infographic for myself, my blog, I need to think how to establish my infogarphic, drive traffic, make a viral.

  • Finding what kind of infographic I want to desing : Timely , Related or Evergreen?
  • Establish in infographic market place. Improve SEO ranks by creating and placing infographics online, with the goal of getting other websites to link to them.
  • An optimal file size for easy sharing is about 1MB. This size allows the artwork and text to be crisp and clear without making the website hosting the infographic load too slowly. And it can be viewed on mobile devices.

The most interesting : Engaging Viewers with Animation and Motion

This time I will focus on Interactive Infographic, especially with HTML and CSS, not Flash because Flash file is so heavy and flash is out of date.

If you want to order an infographic, email me and I will make you satisfied. You can see some infographics in My Portfolio – Kani Poly or have a look at my infographic design service.

Some Awesome Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Content Marketing

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Nowadays, infographics is one of the easiest ways to promote your business significantly.

Have you ever thought of how many people go to internet page a day? Do they look for any pdf data, web link, bookmark or any others? Absolutely, yes they use their mobile, iPhone, iPad, or any other gadget. They visit many links and do some activities for any different aims. Thus, why don’t you open your mind that this is your turn to invite and to persuade people by using the infographics?

What is infographics?

Infographics is the newest style to persuade everyone by mixing the colorful design, creating some words, and analysis that are ideal for the age of data. It is a visual format, which can be seen by everyone and will be kept in his or her mind. Infographics is a visual format of completing communication. It is not only combination of some words, symbols but also it is more than that. It tells a story.

What is infographics?

The improvement of infographics in your content marketing

It has been since 2004 actually, but it has just started priory in 2010. Significantly, in 2012 infographics was increased in social network for about 800%. Infographics has been known and familiar for those internet addicts. That is an outstanding trend.

Barbara M. Miller and Broke Barnett discovered this; they thought that writing and graphics were not useful yet as effective as what the user wanted for the response and result. There should be combination for both graphic and writing, since graphic is much easier to understand even it is not really in that communicative. Besides, infographics is sharable and easy to find. Infographics is the real answer.

How awesome is it for content marketing?

If you are thinking about how awesome infographics for content marketing is, here are some points which can prove that infographics is the best choice for this new digital era.

Open your mind and see them enumerate, you will have different mind from others with so many chance and opportunities. What are the chances? Do you ever think of how many people use data web for their daily need? Even you do it too. Therefore, this is it.

Look at the awesome reasons below:  

  • First sight as a part of sensory receptors

Believe it or not, what makes people can be persuaded of something is by looking at their response at the first sight. Mostly, an imaginative, creative, eye-catching and colorful design influences the sensory receptor, which is the eye. If your eyes say that it is awesome, your brain will say so, you will fall in love.

  • Visually wired and appealing

There is something magical in everyone’s mind when they see some different thing, visual effect. It is the representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Combining chart, graphics, map into a new form of telling something.

infographic of infographic

The new form of design makes it different. It is more attractive, easy to remember and to understand.

  • Less reading

Writing needs time to be understood. Not all people can enjoy reading new things, some just let it pass or even ignore it. Thus, infographics invites them to see, enjoy, and understand the whole message. It provides less reading for your customers.

  • Easy to digest

Different fish different fond, what the people are thinking about, but infographics break it down. How come? Everyone can easily understand what the infographics tells about. If they are interested, they will surely come to you. It is easy to digest.

  • More persuasive

For all those reasons and supporting idea, infographics is more persuasive. You don’t have to deeply explain your product, speak out loud and shout to everyone, infographics will do that for you.

How to be creative? Do you know?

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I’m creative

Kani Poly personality

I’m very embarrassed to say “I’m creative” but I must believe it and I can see it on my personality test. I don’t have an independent mind, because I always listen to the ideas of others, but I can be proud of myself that I always try to find out the solutions, think different way.

So what is the creativity?

You absolutely have a lot of questions about the creativity.

  • How can be more creative?
  • Is it difficult to be creative?
  • If I can’t not be creative, what can I do?
  • I feel stuck, I have no idea.

I have these questions, too. I always wonder if we have a formula, it’s very great, it creates new values not only for personal life, but also for all the world. Science, economy, art, technology…

Creativity = Novelty + Useful

the more you use the more you have

The way to be creative

You know the definition of the creativity, you will know how to be creative, just use the formula. Great, right?

31 ways how to be creative infographic

What I do in order to be creative

I’m a designer, I start 30 days design challenge. It’s not only about the creativity, but also improve my skill a lot. I think everyone can start their own challenge, not only design, how’s about photos, draw, write blogs… It’s very interesting. And you have your own way how to be creative.

At this time, I have a challenge, not only myself, a challenge with my friend. I feel very happy when I have a companion, who try with me everyday, when I want to give up, this person forces me to do what I need to to, and I also the trainer, too. When I finish this challenge, I’ll publish it. Today is day 14 of the challenge so I’ll publish it soon.

My plan:

  • Publish Do it together – Another design challenge – 26-Mar-2015
  • Write a series about Visual Communication
  • Write about Infographic

Some exercises or resources that you can you use to apply in your life – How to be creative?

  1. Write a story in 6 words. That you know Hemingway Really wrote His Famous SixWord Story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
  2. Join a class. Ignite your everyday creativity is a good choice. It’s free and very useful, I’m learning this course now.