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Some Awesome Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Content Marketing

Posted by | May 20, 2015 | Design, Internet Marketing | One Comment

Nowadays, infographics is one of the easiest ways to promote your business significantly.

Have you ever thought of how many people go to internet page a day? Do they look for any pdf data, web link, bookmark or any others? Absolutely, yes they use their mobile, iPhone, iPad, or any other gadget. They visit many links and do some activities for any different aims. Thus, why don’t you open your mind that this is your turn to invite and to persuade people by using the infographics?

What is infographics?

Infographics is the newest style to persuade everyone by mixing the colorful design, creating some words, and analysis that are ideal for the age of data. It is a visual format, which can be seen by everyone and will be kept in his or her mind. Infographics is a visual format of completing communication. It is not only combination of some words, symbols but also it is more than that. It tells a story.

What is infographics?

The improvement of infographics in your content marketing

It has been since 2004 actually, but it has just started priory in 2010. Significantly, in 2012 infographics was increased in social network for about 800%. Infographics has been known and familiar for those internet addicts. That is an outstanding trend.

Barbara M. Miller and Broke Barnett discovered this; they thought that writing and graphics were not useful yet as effective as what the user wanted for the response and result. There should be combination for both graphic and writing, since graphic is much easier to understand even it is not really in that communicative. Besides, infographics is sharable and easy to find. Infographics is the real answer.

How awesome is it for content marketing?

If you are thinking about how awesome infographics for content marketing is, here are some points which can prove that infographics is the best choice for this new digital era.

Open your mind and see them enumerate, you will have different mind from others with so many chance and opportunities. What are the chances? Do you ever think of how many people use data web for their daily need? Even you do it too. Therefore, this is it.

Look at the awesome reasons below:  

  • First sight as a part of sensory receptors

Believe it or not, what makes people can be persuaded of something is by looking at their response at the first sight. Mostly, an imaginative, creative, eye-catching and colorful design influences the sensory receptor, which is the eye. If your eyes say that it is awesome, your brain will say so, you will fall in love.

  • Visually wired and appealing

There is something magical in everyone’s mind when they see some different thing, visual effect. It is the representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Combining chart, graphics, map into a new form of telling something.

infographic of infographic

The new form of design makes it different. It is more attractive, easy to remember and to understand.

  • Less reading

Writing needs time to be understood. Not all people can enjoy reading new things, some just let it pass or even ignore it. Thus, infographics invites them to see, enjoy, and understand the whole message. It provides less reading for your customers.

  • Easy to digest

Different fish different fond, what the people are thinking about, but infographics break it down. How come? Everyone can easily understand what the infographics tells about. If they are interested, they will surely come to you. It is easy to digest.

  • More persuasive

For all those reasons and supporting idea, infographics is more persuasive. You don’t have to deeply explain your product, speak out loud and shout to everyone, infographics will do that for you.

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