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Kani Poly’s first Post

Posted by | December 22, 2014 | Self-Actualization | No Comments
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This is the first post on my blog. And maybe nobody reads it, nobody knows about this blog. But it’s OK, because it’s my blog and it starts my new life. And the first post maybe has a lot of mistakes that I make, but it’s OK again, because I start blogging to improve myself, to become better, it’ll show how hard I try, how I can change myself.

As you know, self-actualization is the highest floor in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And now I decide to become a self-actualizer, I’m living creatively and fully using my potentials. Today, I’m still a chicken, and I’m training to become an eagle.

I thought about the name of this category: “self-improvement” is a good choice. And then “nurture yourself”. I feel I’m still be a kid and it’s very nice to nurture myself like nurturing a kid. “Self-actualization” is also an intriguing category. In summary, although “self-improvement”, “nurture yourself” or “self-actualization”, or anything else, they are the same, just different in the name how we call it, but they are similar and the most important here is You really live the life you want.

Sometimes I ask myself “do I need to try a lot like that?”, you know – being a chicken is quite good, peace and don’t need to think much, but being a chicken means you can not decide the way you live, you depend on other, and do the normal things. Everybody knows you only live once, so why I choose just to be a chicken, right? It depends on other’s opinions, different person has different idea about his life. I really want to dream big, do magnificent things, make other’s life better, so I want to become an eagle. Although I was born as a little chicken, effeminate, stupid and poor. But I still want to try. Maybe it takes me a longtime, but I’m happy with it.

kanipoly blog

Just do it and see what can you do, Kani!


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