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How to be creative? Do you know?

Posted by | March 9, 2015 | Self-Actualization | 3 Comments

I’m creative

Kani Poly personality

I’m very embarrassed to say “I’m creative” but I must believe it and I can see it on my personality test. I don’t have an independent mind, because I always listen to the ideas of others, but I can be proud of myself that I always try to find out the solutions, think different way.

So what is the creativity?

You absolutely have a lot of questions about the creativity.

  • How can be more creative?
  • Is it difficult to be creative?
  • If I can’t not be creative, what can I do?
  • I feel stuck, I have no idea.

I have these questions, too. I always wonder if we have a formula, it’s very great, it creates new values not only for personal life, but also for all the world. Science, economy, art, technology…

Creativity = Novelty + Useful

the more you use the more you have

The way to be creative

You know the definition of the creativity, you will know how to be creative, just use the formula. Great, right?

31 ways how to be creative infographic

What I do in order to be creative

I’m a designer, I start 30 days design challenge. It’s not only about the creativity, but also improve my skill a lot. I think everyone can start their own challenge, not only design, how’s about photos, draw, write blogs… It’s very interesting. And you have your own way how to be creative.

At this time, I have a challenge, not only myself, a challenge with my friend. I feel very happy when I have a companion, who try with me everyday, when I want to give up, this person forces me to do what I need to to, and I also the trainer, too. When I finish this challenge, I’ll publish it. Today is day 14 of the challenge so I’ll publish it soon.

My plan:

  • Publish Do it together – Another design challenge – 26-Mar-2015
  • Write a series about Visual Communication
  • Write about Infographic

Some exercises or resources that you can you use to apply in your life – How to be creative?

  1. Write a story in 6 words. That you know Hemingway Really wrote His Famous SixWord Story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
  2. Join a class. Ignite your everyday creativity is a good choice. It’s free and very useful, I’m learning this course now.



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  • Timilehin Lewu says:


    Thanks a lot Kani. I think you are an awesome graphic designer. Your designs have professional touch.
    I am also a graphic designer and practicing always to get better. This post was really helpful.
    I’ll keep visiting.

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