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Happy b-day to Lam Nguyen

Posted by | December 23, 2014 | Internet Marketing | 3 Comments
LamNguyen Niche Site

23/12 is the birthday of my special friend. Today, he is 20 years old, a very young Internet marketer but rich and genius. Lam Nguyen, and his site about Niche Site LamNguyenZ.com. He started his career when he was very young, earned the first money when he was just a pupil. When he was 14 years old, he could earn as much money as an adult with a full-time job. He’s a friend of Tung Tran, founder of CloudLiving.com.

Lam Nguyen, the first teacher teaches me about Internet Marketing

Lam Nguyen, the first teacher teaches me about Internet Marketing, especial about Niche Site, always care about student, although I’m too lazy and sometime stupid. You know what I’m a designer, so I don’t have a logical brain, all I think and want is beautiful things and I don’t care about CR, SEO, internal links, Private Blog network … and a lot of stuff like that. With me, PBN likes a strange concept that I can’t understand. And he still patiently teaches me again and again. Actually, I forget almost and learn again. Can you believe that he teaches me again!

Then I got the first sale. And second sale, … Things happen. So it’s the reason I have enough money to live till today. Niche Site is quite great.

He is my little teacher, is one of the few men that I admire, not just because he is talent but also about his heart. He often reads books about self-improvement, build Niche Sites, and teaches his students. He is young and his life just begins, he has a lot of time to do awesome things. He is different others, he has a cozy heart and cute voice. Nowadays, you can find tons of course on the Internet teach you how to earn money on the Internet, right? But he is the most conscientious and handsome teacher, I believe. He has a lot of students, and he still takes his time to care about all of them. Sometimes, I’m jealous, I only want I’m his sole student.

And he is also the reason that I start this blog. Just action and write, the world will know about you but I don’t know when.

Today I’m still a beginner of Internet Marketing, who earns little money, sometimes feels poor and doesn’t have enough money to buy something when a lot of my friends who also learnt at the same time with me become a professional marketer and earn huge money. Such as Huy Nguyen and Bach Nguyen, you can read Success Story – Bách Nguyễn với Niche Site $2,200/tháng.

I’m still feeling happy, maybe I’m really stupid, don’t care about money. Haha. I take more time on designing, drawing, learning languages and I believe in myself. (I hope that)

I can buy a lot of site to earn money but not this time, I think when I have abilities to understand and comprehend what I do, I do it better and easily.

Lam Nguyen Birthday

Happy b-day, my dear. I love you more than I can say, you are my magician.

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